Dear AprokoUser! Thanks for your interest in working with us.

We are really sorry to inform you that we haven't started hiring this year.

But, Not to worry, we'll start hiring latest by the ending of December, 2017. Pending the time, Let us quickly introduce to you our working terms.

What work will I do?
Oh, you may be wondering what we meant by working. We mean you'll start working with us and belong to the AprokoTeam! Not just that. You also get monthly, weekly or daily, according to your taste.

You don't really need to be experienced to work with us. All you need is an active device with stable data connection. You must be really fluent in English(written), and you must be the trustworthy type, diligent in all areas. You will also need a Gmail account to get employed. If you do not have a Gmail account, click Here to create one.
Most Importantly, we are sorry to inform you that this opportunity  is exclusive to Nigerians only for now. Foreigners can keep checking for any developments.

Our Working Terms
The work is segregated into different parts. One of it is the Co-Blogging and another is the Co-Sharing. The Co-Sharers only have to share the posts to different platforms and they get paid by the number of views through their link. While the Co-Bloggers have the licence to post unique articles on the blog page. They also get to do some Co-Sharing and, as expected, they get higher pays than the Co-Sharers.

Now you understand our terms of service!

Below will be pasted an application form which will be emailed to the C.E.O. Since we aren't hiring yet, we thought it best to withhold the form till the time of hire.
Keep checking!!! We employ on a 'first come first served' basis. So we implore you to keep checking! We might start hiring earlier than the predicted period, so keep checking!

You can also like our Facebook page ' NG' to get updates on our time of hire. It is COMPULSORY you like our page before you get hired so that you can stay updated on every improvement.

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