5 Signs That Shows They Are Tired Of You!

They may seem to be there always but suddenly they get tired of you. We all have experienced this sh*t. You may not get it straight and may keep wondering what's
going on. When someone is tired of you, there are 5 simple yet obvious signs you'll see. They are :

1. They are prompt.
Yes. They get prompt. When you message them 'Hi', they who would have replied 'Hey baby girl, how you doing' would reply 'Hi' too. And then you go further to ask, 'How are you doing?', they'll be like 'Fine'. So prompt. You should then sense something is wrong somewhere.

2. They Stop Calling .
They'll automatically stop calling or even when they manage to call, they will NEVER sound like that sweet person you know them to be. In other words, you'll do the callings yet they'll give you no tangible reasons for not calling. Perhaps, they will get unnecessarily annoyed when you keep demanding for an explanation.

3. They avoid you online.
Most people can't read between the lines. When he or she sees you online and
doesn't say a word, I mean, when they do this repeatedly then know they're done with you, simple! They begin to see you as a bug and at that time, they think "What do we really have to discuss?" They think this way because they're practically tired of you. Don't force yourself on them because you deserve someone better.
Like a relationship coach and counsellor once said to me, "Don't forcefully be someone's number two when you can comfortably be another person's number one".

4. They stop picking calls.
They wouldn't call you, but when you call them, they wouldn't pick up. They give flimsy excuses or get annoyed when asked the reasons for not picking. They constantly complain of network problems or even tell you they weren't there when the phone rang.

5. They pick on everything.
They get angry with everything you do. Your presence annoys them. The fact that you are where they are and win't stop talking to them kills them. The fact that you kept them waiting annoys them. The fact that you call them too often annoys them. Your new month messages annoys them. You birthday wishes annoys them. They complain about the clothe you wore being too raunchy, they complain about everything!

Noticing this signs and still staying or rolling with this kind of people won't help whatsoever relationship is between you. The only help you could do yourself and the other party is space. Give that distance. It'll all end well.
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