JAMB Negative Marking--How true is it?! (Detailed Explanations)

There has been lots of speculations about this issue. Some people are with the notion, while others oppose  the notion of JAMB
using negative marking scheme.
But come to think of it, What is Negative Marking?


Negative marking means your marks will get deducted for each wrong answer. Lets say negative marking ratio is 1:4 and each question corresponds to 1 mark. Then on each correct answer, you will get +1 point, and for 4 wrong answers, you will loose 1 point (means your score -1).


Obviously NO! There had been series of arguments on this particular Negative Marking issue but it has been brought to conclusion that Negative Marking isn't used in UTME!
But, JAMB probably has a scheme they use in doing the marking of the examination. Negative Marking only applies to professional exams.

Since there is nothing like negative marking, it is advised that you shade an answer for all questions.
First answer the questions you are very sure of and come back later to answer the rest. Why? Because if at the end of the exam you end up not attempting some very simple questions as easy as "1 + 1 = 2" at the bottom of your paper, you will have yourself to blame. JAMB, most times, ask very simple questions and keep them at the bottom of the paper.

Be Confident! Remember to shade an answer for every question. You might just be lucky to get all the ones you guessed.

Yeah, about "Guessing", you should try to guess with logic and elimination, just like how it's done in "Who wants to be a millionaire". With that, you'll come out with a million smiles after the exam.

Good luck! And don't forget to share to save an ignorant soul.

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