You may be wondering why almost all your peers are in a relationship while you stand alone looking sullen without any lady looking at your side. Yeah, many guys have that
problem but they don't voice it out. They act like they don't give a damn but deep inside them is an aching. They often have crushes but the problem is that they don't get loved back by their crush. If you are this type of guy, relax, this post is for you. If you ain't but you know someone who is, kindly share this to him. Most importantly, if you have a crush who doesn't seem to notice you, these tips could help 😉.

Meanwhile, people think not everything that interests Girl 'A' will interest Girl 'B'. Yeah, they are right, but don't forget that they are all girls! Then they must surely have some things has a common interest. These common interests are divided into two-- the physical and the social/emotional. We will be dealing with the physical aspect in this post.
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There are some things that you wear or have on that kill girls. Surprised? Not in the least. Some of them are listed below:

1. Hair Cut
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Yeah! Your hair cut. Though most girls have a different taste on this particular topic with some preferring a lowcut while some love the high type (what we call Afro in Nigeria). Take myself as an example, my Mom prefers me having a lowcut while my Sis loves my Afro. Well we can say almost all the girls of this generation loves Afro. But one thing is, no matter which taste a girl has, most girls detest skinning off of hair. I mean complete skinning off. In the name of religion some guys spoil their looks. Try to have your hair in the way it suites and adds more swag to you. Make it as dark as possible. It'll make the girls die to touch it! If you prefer skinning it off, make sure you have your beards to replicate this. It makes you look cuter. Else you'll look like a cancer patient. LOL!

2. Neatness
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This is a known fact. Girls feel your swag when you dress neatly. Not only the outside but also the inside. You know what I mean? That your boxer try to wash it regularly and get more substitutes. You may be thinking "Why should I also wash the boxer since no girl is gonna open my trousers?" But bro, I tell you, sometimes the scent of your boxer penetrates through your trousers. This isn't a jinx or something. This is a real fact. Girls have a higher scent ability than guys so you or your friend may not know, but they will scent it. So try to wash your undies regularly.

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3. Dress Combination
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By dress combination, I mean the material, your colour code, your carriage and fitness. Material combination in the sense that, you shouldn't wear an Ankara (Traditional Attire) on top of a denim jean-- Well unless it's in vogue. You know we can't tell what the future holds. And when I say colour code, I mean you should know which colour goes with which. A dark guy should wear a light coloured shirt most times. It makes them more noticeable-- No offences, I'm also a dark guy and girls love us like that. LOL! A fair guy should choose a darker colour, you know, it makes them look cuter and more masculine. One secret I'm gonna tell you today is that girls die when they see you in a round-necked white T-shirt and a blue denim jean. Yeah! Stop doubting that, just give it a try! Also your carriage refers to the way you carry that nice pant, shirt or shoes you have on. Have a specific sexy stepping that wouldn't damage your posture. Fitness too should be put into consideration. Don't wear 'Daddy-Dashed-Me' shoes or clothes. They make you look like those 18th century guys. Switch your dressing styles also. Look corporate on Monday, vintage on Tuesday, hot on Wednesday, etc.

4. Voice/Tone
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The way you sound matters most. After dressing nice, then you start speaking like a gramophone, then you are loosing ground! Sound confident! Sound strong! Laugh in a sexy carefree manner. They may not like it at first but soon they get used to it.

5. Physical Strength
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One thing is, of you can overcome the first four I stated, then you are good to go. This is just an additional feature but guys think it's number one. Trust me it isn't. Having six pack abs is a really nice thing anyway but it isn't a priority. Girls love hefty guys, sure. But what if you are hefty and all they use you for is a body guard? Having six packs abs is just an added value.

Try this five things out. I'm sure it's going to help greatly.
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