A lot of youngsters nowadays are venturing into music and other sectors of the entertainment industry and are hoping to FIND GOLD in the industry. The question is 'Do they really know what it takes?'. Below are some tips for aspiring musicians and rappers with quotations and life examples from already successful individuals in the music and entertainment industry.

1. Find Out What You Are Good At Many entertainers venture into something entirely different from their calling. This is making them waste their time and resources on a redundant investment. Take for example the comedian Teju Baby-Face Oyelakin, who hosts and produces the Teju Baby-Face show. He has tried his hands on many sectors in the entertainment industry some of which includes Acting, Song Writing, Comedy, just to mention a few. We all can testify to it that the born entertainer is good at comedy than any other sector. This comedy is what brings him his cash today! Don't go into singing if you are better at rapping!

2. Find A Mentor or Rolemodel The term Mentor and Rolemodel are two different words which have atleast some similarities than differences. A mentor is someone who guides your path on what you do while a rolemodel is someone you simply look up to and want to be like. You may probably not have met your Rolemodel but your Mentor is someone you should have a close relationship with. Note that your mentor must have been successful in that line before he or she could be regarded as a mentor.

3. Invest Your Time And Resources Invest anything investible! Your time, money, strength and whatever! Don't forget it's an investment no matter how simple it looks. I came across a scavenger who also had passion for singing hiphop. He had to work for weeks to pay for studio sessions while sleeping in a canopy house by the dump site. He could have rented himself a moderate apartment instead. That's determination! Be determined! Be positively desperate! Promote with bloggers and advertisement publishers! It makes you known round the world and this could be where your dreams come true. I once promoted a musicians song on this blog and it was downloaded by foreigners. They loved his flows and invited him for a paid show in the US. They paid his flight bills and all. Just with tokens with which he promoted his songs, he made thousands of dollars.

4. Never Give Up Yeah! Great things take time. The more time it takes, the greater the benefits embedded. Olamide sang since 2004 but began to hit it in 2013! What a great stretch of time. But now he is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria. Keep doing it the right way. Focus and close your hears when people mock you. No shortcuts to success. Just follow Cena's quote "Never Give Up!"

5. Remember Your Creator This should have come first but I understand the fact that most of us get bored when things look religious. Really, we should remember Him. Without God, we labour in vain. So make sure you comment all your moves to God. Dont make the mistake most musicians make by entering into occultic groups for protection. Have a close relationship with God and he won't ever forsake you.

  BONUS POINT- Be unique! Have your own style of entertaining your audience. You can easily differentiate Olamide's rap from Skales'. Have your own rap or song style. There has already been one Olamide and there can be no other. The fact that you have a role model doesn't mean you should copy his all characteristics and style, only specific characteristics may be dubbed. We all can guess that Lilkesh probably takes Olamide as his rolemodel but the "Shoki" crooner has his rap style which is quite different from Badoo's. And those are the golden tips! I hope they help. Feel free to add yours in the comment box.
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