25 Predicted questions from 'In Dependence' by Sarah Mayinka Ladipo

The literature text for the UTME 2017/2018, was complained complex by the candidates. So the following questions have been predicted by English experts and candidates are advised to attempt the questions with great reverence. It was proved by a Jamb official (name withheld) that 15 out of this questions are likely to be asked! Here they are....

1. According to the novel, Mr Faircliff was Tayo's ____ teacher

(A) Latin

(B) British History

(C) Mathematics

(D) Physics

2. Tayo's mother was led into polyandry because

(A) she loved flirting

(B) she was caught cheating

(C) she wanted to make ends meet

(D) she didn't agree with her husband's religious belief

3. Juma and Saratu were Vanessa's ____

(A) sisters

(B) pet dogs

(C) house maids

(D) pet cats

4. The clash at Yusuf's house party which led to the trio's imprisonment erupted

(A) when Tayo became drunk

(B) when Tayo was caught flirting with a girl

(C) when Yusuf insulted Tunde's new religion

(D) when the drinks were not enough

5. Kwame White was

(A) Miriam's ex-boyfriend

(B) Tayo's ghanian old school mate

(C) Tayo's man servant

(D) Tayo's neighbour at the new university homes

6. Tayo felt guilty about Christine's death because

(A) he spoke rudely to her

(B) he hadn't being replying her letters

(C) he went off without her notice

(D) he had poisoned her drink

7. Tayo and Vanessa followed ____ to his uncle's house in Paris.

(A) Simon

(B) Tunde

(C) Yusuf

(D) Charlie

8. The title "Moremi" was given to ____ by Tayo

(A) Miriam

(B) Christine

(C) Vanessa

(D) Modupe

9. Vanessa didn't want someone like Sembene because

(A) he wasn't handsome

(B) he had a bad temperament

(C) he was too famous

(D) he wasn't from her country

10. The citizens were happy at first when military government came to power because they thought

(A) opportunities would be available

(B) corruption would be stamped out

(C) the ministers would be flushed out

(D) the national dignity would be renewed

11. *Well I always suspected he was bogus- always running away from problems*--- Tayo, in the excerpt above, was referring to

(A) Yusuf

(B) Ike

(C) Tunde

(D) Kwame

12. Vanessa ignored Edward's attraction to her because

(A) he was her father's age

(B) he was far elderly than her

(C) she hadn't gotten over Tayo's issue

(D) he was too english in his speaking and mannerism

13. Vanessa had moved to Dakar secretly because

(A) she wanted a break from the English lifestyle

(B) she didn't have a job

(C) she wanted to be closer to Tayo

(D) she loved Africans

14. According to the text, Anthony worked as

(A) an african artist on rail road

(B) a taxi driver

(C) a lecturer at Oxford

(D) a dry cleaner

15. Miriam blamed her miscarriage to

(A) Tayo's uncanny behaviour

(B) her work load at home

(C) inadequacy of the nigerian medical facilities

(D) witches and wizards

16. Tayo was detained for

(A) speaking rude about the ruling government

(B) leading the protest against corruption

(C) showing his students a subversive text

(D) having an incomplete vehicle document

17. Miriam called off the relationship mainly because

(A) of Tayo's affair with Hawa

(B) Tayo didn't have time for the family

(C) Tayo wasn't religious

(D) she found a lover in England

18. Suleiman's trip to Senegal was to

(A) complete his education

(B) visit his mother's relatives

(C) learn more about his culture and join the muslim sect

(D) search for a well paying Job for Africans in Dakar

19. Vanessa wondered why Joy was named so because

(A) she was always looking dull

(B) she came from a muslim background

(C) her mother died while giving birth to her

(D) Joy was an Indian

20. Tayo's mother's death was caused by

(A) a sudden illness

(B) an accident

(C) an heart attack

(D) assassination

21. Vanessa's mother, Elizabeth, went with her back to England after

(A) Elizabeth and Vanessa where attacked by Malaria

(B) Vanessa's father finished service

(C) Vanessa's father died

(D) Vanessa's father found out her affair with Danjuma

22. Tayo looked forward to Laurent's visit because

(A) he handed him tokens

(B) he kept Kemi from disturbing him

(C) Laurent cooked them decent meals

(D) he fancied Laurent's company

23. Tayo didn't want Kemi to marry Laurent simply because

(A) he was white

(B) he was a chef and didn't have a degree

(C) he was related to Vanessa

(D) he smoked and drank

24. Tayo was awarded an honorary doctorate of

(A) Civil law

(B) Music

(C) Literature

(D) Science

25. Vanessa thought it difficult for Edward to visit Tayo because

(A) he and Tayo had a grudge

(B) Edward found it hard to travel

(C) Edward was jealous of Tayo

(D) Tayo had no apartment for him

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